Crayola Color Alive Review

Crayola Color Alive Review Have ever wondered what it would be like to see your drawings come to life? If you do, this is the right thing to read! Crayola Color Alive coloring books are a great, new activity that is fun to do with family, friends, and more! What Comes Inside There are 4 coloring books you can buy, each with a new adventure inside! These include fantasy fairies, dragons, Barbie, and even Skylander. Each book comes with seven crayons and one of them is a special effect crayon. With the fairies book, there’s a pixie dust special effects crayon. In Skylanders, an ice blast special effect crayon, with more in the other books. They look like normal coloring books until you download the Crayola Color Alive app. Then you can take as many pictures of your newly colored coloring pages as you want! They will also come to life. Isn’t that great? How it Works You can use any crayons you want with these books, but be sure to use the special effect crayon because it will create some magic with the app. First, you have to download Crayola Alive App on your phone, ipad, ipod, or tablet. You’ll probably  need your mom or dad to help you. After that, color one of the 16 pages from the coloring book however you want. Take the phone and line it up with the picture. Then, a 4D button and a button with a crayon will pop up. Click on the crayon to unlock your special effect. To do this, have your device scan the crayon name and your special effect will be unlocked. When you go back, press the 4D button and your picture will come to life, including the special effect; such as fire, pixie dust, or ice blast! Take a picture with your very own 4D colored creature! Plus, when you tap on your creature, it will do something special. For example, when I made my unicorn come to life, I clicked on it and – ta-da! – a rainbow went over it’s head and it reared! You can save your creature and then take your own picture holding it in your hand, petting it or kissing it, maybe even fighting with it – in your room, outside, or anywhere you want. What I Liked I liked that the pictures were creative and that it was it very fun for children like me and my brother to take pictures – as many as we want – with our very own animals. I think it was the most fun Crayola Color Alive Review 2because you could make it grow bigger or smaller. By doing this, you could put it on the floor to make it look bigger, like a miniature pony for the unicorn. You could also make it look smaller on your hand, like holding a fighting Skylander. What I Would Change Sometimes it’s hard to get the app to scan the special effects crayons and recognize the wording. Also, some of the special effects crayons looked the same, even though they had different names. We had trouble getting the creatures, animal, or Skylander to move on the screen at times. Thanks to Crayola for sponsoring our Spring Story Contest! If you haven’t read the winning stories yet, you can find them here. The price is $6.49 and the app is free, which I think is a very good price. Crayola Color Alive books are very fun and worth getting. I shared them with my neighbors, brothers, and cousins and everyone loved trying them. We hope you liked this review and will come back soon!

Disclosure: I received product to review for this post. All opinions are my own.


How to Make a Puzzle

Hey, do you like making home-made projects with someone else or by yourself? This is a step-by-step plan of  how to make your own puzzle!How to Make a Puzzle Super Smarty Pants Blog


  • 1 piece of card stock or piece of cardboard.
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Optional: Coloring page and glue.
  • Your imagination!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Draw a Picture. Use a pencil to draw the outline of the picture you want. You could also glue on a coloring page from a coloring book.How to Make a Puzzle Step 1
  2. Color in the Picture. Use markers to fill in your picture. It’s okay to color in details and put stickers on.How to Make a Puzzle Step 2
  3. Take a Picture of Your Puzzle so you can make sure you know how to put it together when its puzzle time.How to Make a Puzzle Step 3
  4. Draw the Puzzle Pieces. Don’t make too many pieces and remember to make sure your picture doesn’t have any blank pieces.How to Make a Puzzle Step 4
  5. Cut the Puzzle Pieces. You might want to ask a parent to do this part because you need to be careful with the scissors and sometimes it’s hard to cut the puzzle pieces evenly.How to Make a Puzzle Step 5 Again
  6. Put Together Your Puzzle and See if it Works!How to Make a Puzzle Step 6

Did you like this project? If you tried it out, post pictures of your puzzle, so I can see it! Ours was an Easter puzzle, but you can make it any holiday or imagined picture you want.