About Me

Super Smarty Pants Introduces HerselfI have 3 brothers, 1 crazy eater dad, and a mom who likes to put pictures of us using the camera on her blog (which are not funny – okay, okay. Just Kidding).

I like to go on adventures and play video games where you make towns and villages. I like to write on my blog as much as I can a day – at least from now on.

I love horses a lot and we finally found horseback riding lessons that we can pay for!

I LOVE to read a lot and we couldn’t find any good names with bookworm in the title for my blog because all of the good ones were taken!

Only my alter ego is Super Smarty Pants, as you know. My real name is Ella. My Dad’s alter ego is Ogre Dog. Some people might think it’s a weird name, but he really is tall as an ogre and eats like a dog. I am very skinny and so is my dad, but I can’t really believe that because  he looks very tough when I grab onto his arm compared to my arm.

I love it when there are followers on my blog and I think it’s interesting to watch my mom text on her phone.

One of my favorite things to do is make other people laugh because I like to get attention!

Oh, I have to go now! My brothers are going crazy!

What I look like:

I have brown hair,brown eyes, and freckles on my nose.The clothes I wear are usually exercising ones (except on Sundays) I am almost always wearing running shoes when I’m outside,and when I’m inside I’m usually barefoot.I have long eyelashes (like my brothers)and tough  skin.My nails never have scratched anyone since I bite them(a habit of mine)and I have long arms and legs.

* Created by Super Smarty Pants. Transcribed by Mom.


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