Submit Your Christmas Art!

Would you like to do a Christmas countdown for 12 days? All you have to do is draw a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah picture. Take a photo of it and make sure to color. You can use string, yarn, fuzz balls, glitter, paper, and other arts and crafts materials. You can make a Santa, snowman, reindeer, menorah, or anything in between!

Take a photo and send it in to theinquisitivemom at gmail dot com. Then, I will post the pictures I receive each day on my blog. Be sure to include your first name and city.

Remember, it’s not a contest. Everyone’s art from each day will be posted each day in an art gallery. It will say the date and the day. Then it will show all of the pictures that have been sent in. Please start tonight. I will put up the post after school in the evening.

Here are a couple of examples of art projects I made today.

Cherry Nosed Santa
Cherry Nosed Santa
My brother, the super elf!
My Brother, the Elf.

You can take a photo of one of your family members and decorate it however you want, like I did in my brother the elf picture, or you can just start from scratch.

Please submit your pictures. I’m excited to see them!


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