Spring Story Contest Senior Winner – Grayclaw Saves the Day

We had such a great time reading all of the contest entries! Thank you to everyone who entered and shared your creativity with us. A special thanks to our amazing sponsors for making this contest possible.

We are a mom and daughter team at Super Smarty Pants and The Inquisitive Mom. We share a love of writing and had so much fun creating this contest together. We hope you had fun, too, and that you will keep writing and dreaming!

Congratulations to Joseph S., the winner of our Spring Story Contest Senior Winner for ages 9 to 12!

Grayclaw Saves the Day
by Joseph S.

As the sun came up over the horizon near Moose Lodge, skiers woke up with a start and ran to grab their gear. Inside another room, Grayclaw was already awake. He was a long, slender wolf with gray ears and a black body. Grayclaw was on the Avalanche Rescue Team. He looked up through the window to see the mountain tips glowing yellow as the sun peeked out.

The skiers had their food and were outside getting ready to have fun. Instructors were advising people to be careful on the snowy slopes. “It snowed hard last night so you must watch your step.”

Grayclaw ate his meal and was being helped with his gear. As the skiers started off, they heard a low rumble. They didn’t bother about the noise because they thought it was some wild animals. Grayclaw jumped up because he knew what the sound was. So did the team members. They were out the door in a flash, just in time to see an avalanche come crashing down, like a sea that could swallow everything up.

Some of the skiers were engulfed by the great white ocean of snow. But most managed to escape. The team members were on the slopes in a minute. They knew that under the snow you could die in just a couple of minutes, but they could not find the skiers.

While they were looking, they heard another low rumble. They saw more snow crashing down the mountainside. Grayclaw managed to avoid it on his way up the slopes.

The rest of team thought everything was hopeless. Grayclaw had not given up. He was already on the mountainside digging up the snow. With his powerful nose he found found a place where the snow was not so deep. He dug it away with his forelegs. As the rest of team came close, they were amazed. Grayclaw had dug away the snow and found three skiers. Their faces were red and their teeth were chattering. They did not look good but they were not dead. Grayclaw had found them in time.

About the Author

Spring Story Contest Senior WinnerJoseph is a twelve-year-old homeschooler who loves to study medieval and military history. He works at a local antique shop and in his spare time enjoys building with LEGO’s and reading. His favorite books are the Chronicles of Narnia and the Chronicles of Prydain. He lives in Texas.

A special thanks to our contest sponsors! 

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