Spring Story Contest Junior Winner!

We had such a great time reading all of the contest entries! Thank you to everyone who entered and shared your creativity with us. Thank you to our amazing sponsors for making this contest possible.

We are a mom and daughter team at Super Smarty Pants and The Inquisitive Mom. We share a love of writing and had so much fun creating this contest together. We hope you had fun, too, and that you will keep writing and dreaming!

Congratulations to Ava P., our Spring Story Contest Junior Winner!


A Cheetah Named French Fry
By Ava P.

One day French Fry, a cheetah, was racing in a race, and he was in last place. Then he passed a few cheetahs. He was in first place! The trophy was shiny and golden and it came with a blue ribbon. But the finish line was still 201 miles away, and all the cheetahs were tired and didn’t get any water breaks or bathroom breaks.

Then French Fry fell down and broke his leg. Then he was in last place again. Nobody helped French Fry. His mom and dad were sad. Some humans were walking past the raceway, and they called the vet. The vet came in an ambulance. She took an x-ray and looked at the leg. They had to take French Fry to an animal hospital. The vet put a cast on French Fry’s leg. Then she said French Fry couldn’t walk for a few weeks. French Fry felt sad. But his friends came and gave him gifts and cards.

A few weeks later, his leg was all healed. Then French Fry could run again! He ran another race. It was a 210-mile race. This time he won the blue ribbon and trophy. He was so happy! That day was also French Fry’s birthday. So all the cheetahs went to his home and celebrated his birthday and his victory (it was a surprise party). They all shouted, “Hooray for French Fry!” and lifted him up on their paws. They had chocolate cake with lemonade. They danced and played games, like Pin the Tail on the Cheetah. They had a cheetah piñata. French Fry felt wonderful. And everyone felt happy for French Fry.

About the Author

Spring Story Contest Junior WinnerAva is six and she loves making art projects, staying up late reading Beverly Cleary, playing with her little sisters or friends, jumping on trampolines, cracking jokes, inventing her own salad recipes, and watching Odd Squad. She is from Washington State.

A special thanks to our contest sponsors! 

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