Spring Story Contest Honorable Mention! Keeley and Her Friends

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to our first Spring Story Contest! Your creativity and imaginative stories delighted our judges and made selecting our winners a challenge. We are a mom and daughter team at Super Smarty Pants and The Inquisitive Mom. We share a love of writing and had so much fun creating this contest together. We hope you had fun, too, and that you will keep writing and dreaming!

Congratulations to Keeley S., who won an Honorable Mention in our Spring Story Contest random drawing for her story Keeley and Her Friends!

Spring Story Contest Honorable Mention

Keeley and Her Friends

by Keeley S.

Once upon a time, there was a girl and her name was Keeley. She liked to play salon. She believed that her stuffed animals would come to life. They always come to life when Keeley is out of the room. They love to play together.

One day while Keeley was playing salon next door in a different room, she heard her stuffed animals talking!

She snuck back into her room without her animals knowing. Then she said ‘hi! I didn’t know you were alive!’ Her animals said ‘Ahh! We didn’t know that you knew we were alive!’

So they went on an adventure together. She picked them up and went outside. They snuck outside without her mom knowing. They explored outside together. They found some money buried under the dirt. It was $10.15. They went to the forest and looked for a good place for a hideout. They found the perfect spot far enough away from the house because Keeley’s mom could hear from a long distance. She put her animals in the hideout. Then she told her mom about the money and brought the money to her mom. The mom said ‘let’s put this in a piggy bank.’

About the Author

Keeley is from Illinois.

A special thanks to our contest sponsors! 

You can find more story contest winners here.


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