Holiday Favorites

Do you like holidays? I do! My favorite holiday is St.Patrick Day. Send Comments to me about  your favorite holiday. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Holiday Favorites

  1. HI Ella! Everyday I think about you is a holiday! Truthfully, I have to agree with Grandpa, Thanksgiving is my favorite! I even enjoy baking all the food. Most of all I love being with family. Sure miss you!

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  2. Hello Ella! I’ve really been enjoying your posts lately. Thanks for writing again. I think that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I love to eat.

    Right now I am in Azerbaijan and they have a very interesting holiday called Novruz. It’s similar to Easter/Halloween/Thanksgiving and they have lots of tasty food. The children go door to door and knock on peoples houses then run away when they come. They leave a hat on the ground near the door and the people are supposed to put candy in the hat. Novruz is Dunya’s favorite holiday and I must say it’s pretty fun. If you like I’ll send you pictures that I take.

    I miss you a ton and keep being so awsome!


  3. I love the winter holidays especially because everything is cheerful with lots of music, but we are Irish so we like to think about St. Pat’s day a lot, too! Hope you have a great day.


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