They Poke You and They Joke You – That’s What They’re For!


They Poke You and THey Joke You

Get ready for a laughing marathon! I’ve got a lot of my best jokes – well, all of them – to tell you!

The first one goes like this:

Q: What did the shoes say to the brain?

A: The shoe says I run marathons, but why do you think mathathons?


Q: What do you call a hamster who jumps up behind you and steals food?

A: Very squeaky! (instead of sneaky)


Q: What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

A: You can roast beef, but you can’t pee soup.


Q: What does a cat call a person, place, or thing?

A: A Me-oun.


Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get some egg-nog!


Q: Why didn’t the decimal sit by the number on the plane?

A: Because there was no point in doing it.


Q: What did the skeleton say to his smelly socks?

A: You make me a smelleton!

What’s your favorite joke? Comment and it’ll make my day!

PS My dad makes the worst jokes – like this one!

Q: What is brown and sticky?

A: A stick.


I forgot to put this joke on the list:

Q: What do you call a pig with no arms, legs, tail, or head?

A: Bacon

Created by Super Smarty Pants. Transcribed by Mom.


4 thoughts on “They Poke You and They Joke You – That’s What They’re For!

  1. Ella! Great jokes! I love the roast beef one and of course the chicken one! I also liked the decimal one! Heres a jole that your Uncle Derek made up the other day:

    My friend asked me to go to the Indian cafe for some Indian food.
    I said, “Namaste!” Kind of like saying “Naw! I’m gonna stay.”

    Most people know the Hindu word “namaste” which means, “I bow to the divine in you.” It is used as a greeting and also as a way to say good-bye.


  2. I love the pig joke and am going to tell my kids the pea soup one later. They may not get it (too young) but their dad will find it funny. Thanks for blogging!


  3. I’ve got to say that the skeleton’s smelly socks was my favorite, and yes your father really does make some bad jokes but that’s because he is a dad. There is a specific brand of joke called “dad” jokes which aren’t funny but we have to laugh at them so the dads don’t feel bad.


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